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Temporary Classrooms for CDC School

The Junior Team of a.gor.a Architects, trained at STTC Science and Technology Training Centre , and the local organization Ironwood, are building together the first prototype of a temporary classroom for a migrant School in Mae Sot.
The main structure of the classrooms are built with iron that can be easily dissembled and removed from the current location once the main school building is completed. The frames can be stored and reused in case there is a future need of building more temporary classrooms.

Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Local Organisation: Mae Tao Clinic
Cost: 2,600 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects
Construction: IronWood and STTC
Size per building: 130 sqm

Period: January 2015

Credit: a.gor.a Architects

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