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Temporary Classrooms CDC School

Over the last 30 years, Mae Sot has seen a steady flow of migrants from Myanmar who have escaped ongoing civil war or who are seeking better livelihood, healthcare and educational opportunities in Thailand.


The 60 schools providing free education to migrants experience many challenges, including lack of resources and insecure land tenure. This project provides schools with a dignified space for learning. The building also has the added benefit of being easily erected and disassembled, allowing it to be transported to various school sites depending on their changing needs.

-Lead Designer: Albert Company Olmo

-Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

-Project Year: 2015

-Donors: Child's Dream

-Collaborators: STTC, Daniel Tejedor, Ruben Puertas, Ironwood

-Budget: 2,500 USD

-Photographs Franc Pallares, Daniel Tejedor

The first design was built for the CDC School, a migrant learning center in Mae Sot which needed a temporary space for 60 students. After 6 months of use, the building was then relocated to another school in the remote village of Phop-Pra. Over the last two years, two more prototypes have been built in the region.

A single bolt placed in the edge connects both frames allowing the system to be lifted up easily.  A much lighter and cheaper secondary structure made out of eucalyptus and thatch roof - commonly used in the area – were used. These materials allow the school to easily maintain the building.

The quality, funding, and services provided by migrant schools varies from one school to the other on the Thailand-Myanmar border. Providing low cost and dignified learning spaces is one way this project can ensure migrants from various backgrounds have access to a basic education.



As the structure can be easily assembled and transported to any location, a forced eviction or a remote school location are no longer barriers preventing students from having dignified places to learn.

(download this project here)

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