Line Ramstad, founder of Gyaw Gyaw, and Albert Company, construction manager at Mae Tao Clinic have been working together on the Thailand-Myanmar border since 2010 . In 2012, Jan Glasmeier, a former architect at ARUP, joined the team and together founded a.gor.a Architects to formalize the cooperation with other organisations working in the region.

Since 2016, Albert is leadingf agora Architects, in cooperation with Line and Estudio Cavernas.

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Albert Company Olmo
Building Engineer
Line Ramstad
Landscape Architect

construction team

The construction team of a.gor.a Architects grew over 5 years from 5 to 30 people thanks to the cooperation with migrant vocational learning centers and local organisations such as Gyaw Gyaw and Estudio Cavernas. Many in the team are still today in Myanmar working with our friends at Doh Eain. A few decided to go back to the Thai-Myanmar border with their families after the projects in Yagon were completed.

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Khin Oo
Construction leader/ Co founder
Aung Aye
Construction supervisor / Co founder
Ning Oo
Construction worker
Joseph Kap Pi
Lah Min Tun
Construction worker / Welder
Tin Tun
Construction supervisor / Co founder
Lar Oo Por
Construction worker

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