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Students from Hong Kong Working Together with STTC Students on the School Reconsturction Project

Assisting in the construction of STTC School (Science and Technology Training Center) in Mae Sot, there is a group of university students from Hong Kong. Conducted by Connecting Myanmar, an NGO promoting the connection between people of Myanmar and Hong Kong,  the students are able to participate in various projects of local organizations at the Thai-Myanmar border. 


From the last year project at Kwel Ka Baung School, the Hong Kong students yeilded so many great experience and skills that this year, they decided to send a new group of students back to the construction site again. With each group having their particular mission in this trip, this year, one group of the students is working on the renovation of STTC School together with the STTC students, under the supervision of A.gor.a Architects. Moreover, the students from Hong Kong are providing some English lessons to STTC students in the afternooons in order to help them improve their English skills.


With the fundings from the Hong Kong University, CASIRA and Child's Dream, the construction of the new school is based on the ideas that STTC students designed in several workshops.The space at the School is not only for teaching but also for housing students and teachers. The students have to take entire responsibility of finishing the building, from alpha to omega. Consequently, this construction turns out to be a very helpful practical lesson for the students of this vocational training center, as well as for the students from Hong Kong. 

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