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Science & Technological Training Centre

Boarding school

The Science and Technology Training Centre (STTC) is the only vocational center on the Thailand-Myanmar border focusing on construction and technology, providing young migrant students pathways to access qualified jobs.


The forced eviction of the students in 2014 from the centre, gave STTC and a.gor.a Architects the opportunity to deliver hands-on training in designing and constructing a new learning centre.

-Lead Designer: Albert Company Olmo

-Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

-Project Year: 2014-15

-Donors: Child's Dream, CASIRA

-Collaborators: Sara Piontek, Narcis Ingles

-Budget: 2,500 USD

-Photographs Franc Pallares, Albert Company

The students started with measurements and technical drawings of the existing building. After that, they  identified their needs and defined spaces and dimensions for each space. The class was divided in 4 groups and a design competition was set in order to choose the best design of all groups.

Once the design was chosen, the students, with the support of  a construction team and volunteers from Hong Kong University, started the construction as part of their hands-on training program.

Assisted by a.gor.a Architects, the students came up with a innovative construction system that would provide a quick construction process and would allow the use of recycled materials from the old structure.

After completing the construction of the centre, the students - with their newfound skills and confidence - were hired by a local NGO to design a temporary structure that could assist other migrant learning centers also experiencing uncertain circumstances.

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