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Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Local Organisation: STTC School
Cost: 4,000 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects
Construction: STTC students
Size per building:150 sqm

Period: January to June 2014

Credit: Franc Pallares Lopez

STTC School renovation

STTC Science and Technology Training Centre is the only technical vocational school for migrant students in the Thai-Myanmar border. The school had to move to another building in February 2014. It has a very provisional character and the current use of the building was improvised to avoid discontinuity in school teaching.

a.gor.a architects has encouraged the students to get involved in the design process of the new school.Several workshops were held for the students to design their own learning centre. They started with measurements and technical drawings of the existing building. After that, the students identified their needs and defined spaces and dimensions.

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