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Location: Mae Pa (Tak) Thailand
Cost: 12,000 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects
a.gor.a architects
Size per building: 90 sqm

Period: February to July 2014

Credit: Franc Pallares Lopez

Private Earthen House

The Private Earthen House is located in a rural area of Mae Sot, where the old traditional Thai house is still the most common building. Considering such a peaceful and traditional atmosphere, the design tries to follow certain elements of the local architecture but incorporating new materials, such as earthen bricks.

The house is divided in two separate units, defining clearly the private from the public/service space. Both blocks are connected with an outdoor wooden terrace that opens up to the great view of the sunset and brings natural light and crossing ventilation to the house. The recycled glass bottles inserted in the walls, are aiming to give a warm contrast to the massive earthen walls and bring more extra natural light in the rooms.

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