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Mae Pa adobe house:

Marci's home

This adobe house designed for Marci, her husband and her two children in 2013 has its perfect location in the outskirt of Mae Sot. Surrounded by agricultural fields and orientated towards the great view of the Myanmar mountains, the house is designed to open up to the beautifull landscape.

The construction of this house became a great opportunity to continue the training to the construction team and expand the work of a.gor.a Architects towards private individuals who are interested in alternative materials.


-Lead Designer: Albert Company Olmo

-Location: Mae Pa, Thailand

-Project Year: 2013

-Budget: 10,000 USD

-Photographs Albert Company, Jan Glasmeier, Sarah Piontek

The house is designed with several curved walls that define the internal space that accommodates a family of three people with its two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, toilet and terrace. It opens up towards the common area such as living/ dining room and narrows towards the more private bedrooms.


The arrangement of walls creates an intimate feeling for the whole family.The 20 sqm. terrace provides a quality outdoor space for various family activities and gathering with guests.

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