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Line Ramstad



Co founder

Line Ramstad is a Norwegian Landscape architect with an additional bachelor in anthropology and geography. After 5 years working in an architectural firm in Norway,Line cofounded a temporary Norwegian architect project and came to the border of Thailand and Burma in 2008. After a few months, the project was terminated, and together with local day labor, Line founded the organization Gyaw Gyaw.

Since 2009 Gyaw Gyaw has been designing and constructing sustainable architectural projects in close cooperation with local schools and institutions in the rural area where they are situated. This has lead to a slow and steady focus on function, climate adaption and a democratic process in a region where this is rare.

In 2011, Albert invited Gyaw Gyaw to collaborate on the first adobe building for Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot. This was the start of a long and rewarding collaboration, later also leading to the founding of Agora Architects. As Agora grew, Line left to keep focusing on Gyaw Gyaw.

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