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Location: Mae Pa (Tak), Thailand
Local Organisation: Mae Tao Clinic
Cost: 40,000 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects
a.gor.a architects
Size per building: 1,100 sqm

Period: Finished construction 

Credit: Abel Echeverria, Paola Di Bella,     Franc Pallares Lopez

Kwel Kha Baung Migrant Learning Center

Kwel Ka Baung is the only purely Karen Migrant learning Center in Mae Sot. The schools land lease is going to terminate in may 2014 and the problematic location of the current school, makes the decision easier to move the school to a new location in Mae Sot.


In the first construction phase we focused on building ten classrooms for 350 students and one teacher room. To reduce costs, adobe bricks and other local natural material, such as bamboo and eucalyptus had to be used. To prepare the school against possible flooding, a floor plate with a thickness of up 10cm had be build first, to lift the building of the ground and to protect the adobe against any source of standing water.

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