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Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Local Organisation: Mae Tao Clinic
Cost: 25,000 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects, Line Ramstad
Construction: Gyaw Gyaw
Size per building: 250 sqm

Period: October 2011-June 2012 

Credit: Franc Pallares Lopez

medical training center of Mae Tao Clinic

The new training center is planned to be a campus of several building that will be grouped together on a piece of land not far from Mae Tao Clinic. 


Adobe, as a natural and environmental friendly material, was used for both the classroom and office walls. To protect these walls from the impact of standing water, a 30cm raised concrete slab, as a base, had to be built first. The roof is a timber construction with composite roof tiles. The windows and doors, also made out of reused Timber, were later painted green & blue for the classroom and ochre for the office building. The materials used are locally available and well known for their users, which allows easy maintenance and results in low costs.

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