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Design for CDC Boarding House is up for a renowned architecture prize!

We are proud to announce that the design for our new CDC boarding house has just been shortlisted for a well-known architectural prize! Out of a total of 589 submissions, the project was one of 25 selected for the 2012 DETAIL prize shortlist. The winner for the main prize will be selected by an international jury that includes renowned architects Norman Foster and David Chipperfield.


A second Reader Prize is also available, which is voted for by the public. MTC supporters can cast their vote by visiting the following page:


The design for the building was created by our architect Albert Company-Olmo who has been working for the clinic for almost three years. He was assisted by Jan Glasmeier, an MTC architectural volunteer and Line Ramstad, who founded her own Karen community organisation, Ga Yaw Ga Yaw. We’d like to congratulate them not only for this nomination, but also for coming up with such a beautiful, low-cost and context-appropriate design.

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