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Counseling Department Mae Tao Clinic

While Mental Health services have been provided at MTC since 2006, the previous space the clinic had for the department was inadequate. There were no private rooms for confidential counselling, and the room was on the second floor, which meant that clients with mobility issues had difficulties accessing the department.


This issue was especially poignant for prosthetic and amputee support groups. The new space is large, breezy, and has several private rooms for more confidential sessions.

-Lead Designers: Albert Company Olmo, Tin Tun

-Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

-Project Year: 2011

-Donors: Aussie's Friends of Mae Tao Clinic

-Collaborators: Line Ramstad

-Budget: 2,500 USD

-Photographs Franc Pallares, Albert Company

The department has no glass in the windows, which is important as some of the patients can lose control, which means glass can be dangerous to have around at times. The building was built by the water and satination team of the Mae Tao Clinic

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