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Mae Tao Clinic- Reproductive Health In-Patient Department

Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Architects: a.gor.a architects

Size per building: 768sqm

Construction period: October 2013 - June 2014

Budget: 147,000 $

Credit: a.gor.a architects

Mae Tao Clinic has been serving vulnerable populations from Burma for over 20 years by helping to fill a gap in health care services for the displaced and undocumented on both sides of the border. The key role that MTC plays in assisting these communities is evident through the exponential rise in the number of people served by Mae Tao Clinic. Every year, the number of visits has risen by approximately 20% and has only recently stabilised at around 150,000 visitors annually.

Mae Tao Clinic seeks to treat and prevent deaths from highly prevalent conditions within the community such as malaria, diarrhoea and HIV. On the current clinic site in Mae Sot, it also offers a comprehensive health care service for its patients including: adult and child inpatient and outpatient services, reproductive health inpatient and outpatient services, surgery, eye clinic, dental clinic, a prosthetics service, counselling and acupuncture. Medical support services are also available through the pharmacy, laboratory, blood bank, infection prevention unit, health information systems and referral services.

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