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Mae Tao Clinic - Medical In-Patient Department

Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Architects: a.gor.a architects

Size per building: sqm

Construction period: October 2013- present

Budget: 160.000 $

Credit: a.gor.a architects

At the current MTC location, surgical and medical inpatient departments are separate, but to save on space and resources, the departments will be combined at the new clinic. After consultations with staff and examination of caseload data, the number of beds in these two departments has been reduced from 111 beds in total, to just 60 to reflect declining caseload numbers.


In recent years, MTC has experienced a significant decline in malaria admissions as a result of greater investment in malaria programmes in Burma, and it is hoped this will continue (other departments however, such as reproductive health inpatient department, are seeing significant increases). Medics have also noted that while the total number of cases is decreasing in the medical inpatient department, the number of chronic cases is increasing and that the types of cases they are treating are more severe.

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