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CASIRA support the construction of Kwel Ka Baung

Kwel Ka Baung is the only Karen Migrant learning Center in Mae Sot. The school land lease is going to be terminated in May 2014 and the problematic location of the current school, makes the decision easier to move the school to a new location in Mae Sot.


In November 2012, the Canadian organisation CASIRA came to Mae Sot to support and participate in the construction of a new migrant school for them. Thanks to the 25,000$ that they were able to fundraise, we built 10 classrooms and one teacher room.


On 28th of October, with the support of CASIRA again, we will start an adobe workshop to complete the construction of the school. During one month we will be preparing earthen bricks, digging foundations and preparing the land to allocate the dining room and the kitchen.

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