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Boys Dormitory Campus

CDC School

Back in 2012, when 100 students from CDC Migrant School were evicted from their building, a.gor.a Architects together with Line Ramstad and Gyaw Gyaw, built the Temporary Dormitories to accommodate provisionally all the students.

Due to the lack of funding and land available to build new dormitories, the buildings became the permanent home for over 100 students for almost 3 years.

But tragically, in 2015 a fire from a nearby sugar cane plantation burned down all four dormitories. To make the most of a bad situation, a.gor.a Architects with the support of many other organisations, raised over $30,000 to rebuild them.

-Lead Designer: Albert Company Olmo

-Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

-Project Year: 2016-17

-Donors: Mae Tao Clinic, a.gor.a Architects

-Collaborators: Jae-Young Lee, Yago Cuevas Juan Cuevas, Sandra Nwe.

-Budget: 30,000 USD

-Photographs: Joseph Kap Pi, Jae-Young Lee

The new dormitory campus, built in a land only dedicated to agriculture for many years, consists of 5 buildings, including a kitchen/dining hall and a family house. The orientation of the buildings allows privacy inside the campus while provides a central open up space for the children to hang out and play.

Having learnt the lesson from the previous experience, the school decided to minimize the risk of the fire by using less wood and avoid any thatch for the roof.

The great variety of materials chosen for the construction are light and they adjust to the function of each building. The steel frames for all buildings are designed to optimize as much as possible all the resources available, overlapping construction phases and speeding up the construction process.

a.gor.a Architects made an effort to raise awareness about sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices through several workshops and trainings for the community.

(download this project here)

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