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Location: Mae Sot (Tak), Thailand
Local Organisation: Mae Tao Clinic
Cost: 2,000 $

Architects: a.gor.a architects
Construction: Gyaw Gyaw
Size per building: 72 sqm

Period: April-December 2012 

Credit: Franc Pallares Lopez

Temporary Dormitories for CDC School

The lack of space, and in many cases, the need for immediate accommodation for new students forced the school to present a new model of temporary low cost dormitories that are easy to assemble and are built by using as many recycled materials as possible. 


With a capacity of 25 students, the building meets the modus vivendi by fitting into the local environment in which it is located. The interior layout ensures an open and airy space that offers semi-privacy and includes storage space for the students. The materials used are locally available and well known for their users, which allows easy maintenance and results in low cost.


Collaborative architects:    

Eduardo Novo, Marta de las Heras Martínez, María Núñez, Luis Rodríguez Carnero, and Alejandro Buzo

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